The protection and preservation of our environment and community is a core value at Jamieson Place. We are proud to bring you our corporate responsibility platform that serves to improve the environmental and social performance of our buildings. The resources listed on this page have been created to help tenants understand our sustainability program, and how you can help make your workplace a clean, green and more enjoyable space to work.


As part of implementing QuadReal’s sustainability commitment, Jamieson Place has two beehives installed on the building rooftop. With this sustainable initiative, we are proud to take part in the great movement for more eco-conscious cities.

Urban beekeeping has increased as a response to a significant and constant decline in domestic honeybee colony numbers in North America. Bees pollinate more than 130 varieties of fruits and veggies around the globe – that’s a third of our food supply.

Our thousands of bees pollinate the urban flora that surrounds during the summer. At the end of the season, we harvest the honey, which we share with our community. During winter months hives are covered for hibernation and the bees will comfortably stay in the warmth of their hive, where they’ll maintain an internal temperature of up to 35 degrees Celsius!

Click on the My Hive tab below to read updates about our beehives.

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  • Sustainability Quiz. In an effort to increase our overall diversion rate and promote a better understanding of what should go into each of the waste and recycling streams, we encourage you to complete the following quiz.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the sustainability program at Jamieson Place, please contact Ronald Cheung, Property Manager at 403-202-7910 or via email at r[email protected]