Bicycle Parking

Bike Cage at Jamieson Place

The bike cage and adjacent shower/locker rooms are located on the P1 level of the parkade. It can accommodate up to 160 bikes, is free of charge for all building occupants, and is available on a first come, first serve basis.

In order to provide a safe environment for all, access to the bike cage will be provided to tenants that have completed the Amenity Access Waiver.  Kindly note that the Amenity Access Waiver does not have an expiry date.  Please download it, complete it and email it to [email protected].

Cyclists are reminded to lock their individual bicycles in the lock-up area. The bike cage facility is for day use only. Overnight storage of bicycles is not permitted.

All cyclists should exercise extreme caution when entering and exiting the parkade and should utilize the designated pathway at all times. A button is located at the bottom of the exit ramp in order to raise the door for cyclist exit.

Amenity Access Waiver

P1 Changerooms and Showers

Prior to accessing the P1 changerooms, we ask you to please complete the Amenity Access Waiver, sign and return it to [email protected].

Adjacent to the bike cage area on the P1 level are the Shower/Locker rooms, accessible with a valid building access card. The shower rooms are equipped with a clothes steamer, hair appliances, and complimentary towel service. Lockers are provided for day use only and users are asked to supply their own lock.

Amenity Access Waiver

Locker Rental Program

Jamieson Place has developed a locker rental program in response to the growing demand for using our end-of-trip amenities and the need among tenants for extended storage solutions for personal items. We have dedicated lockers in the men's and women's shower facilities on P1 and the Fitness Facility for long-term rental, for a fee.

To secure a locker in either shower facilities, please reach out to the Fitness Facility at [email protected]. All renters must be registered with the Fitness Facility to rent a locker. Registration can be completed on our website at

Locker assignments will be managed by the Jamieson Place Fitness Staff. The locker rental fee is $72+GST for a 6-month term, automatically renewing at the term's end and billed to the user's credit card on file. Once the locker is added to their account, renters are required to make an online payment of $72+GST before receiving the locker combination. Renters have the option to use their personal lock or the one provided by the Fitness Staff. If opting not to renew or canceling the locker after the 6-month term, kindly inform the Fitness Staff. No refunds are applicable if the locker rental is canceled within the 6-month term. 

Locker Rental Program