Winter Garden

A unique space to be enjoyed all year round

The 25,000 square foot Jamieson Place Winter Garden is an impressive public gathering place where building tenants and the public can enjoy the beauty of an indoor garden all year round.

The Jamieson Place Winter Garden showcases art created by Dale Chihuly, a world-renowned glass sculptor. The Amber, Blue and Green Chandeliers he created were assembled onsite and are comprised of more than 400 pieces of blown glass in soft tones of yellow, blue and amber. The piece was inspired by the idea of viewing a garden through an abstract glass flower.

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Media Wall

Jamieson Place has elevated its technological offering by adding a stunning, new 440” direct-view LED display to complement its contemporary design, located within the Winter Garden on the +15 level.

Utilizing NEC’s LED-FE025i2 LED modules, this state-of-the-art screen delivers an impressive 4K resolution for crystal-clear imagery, on what will be the largest public-facing display in a corporate tenant space in the downtown core. Featuring a 2.5mm pixel pitch, the display produces large, crisp, and bright images for viewing of live television, corporate messaging, or visual art. 

Tenants can book the Winter Garden space after hours, with an offering that can include both the opportunity to tie into the display for a tenant presentation and/or video game console connection.

The seamless display, coupled with an industry-leading integrated audio system, will provide tenants and visitors with entertainment in a striking and impactful way. The result is a modern, aesthetically pleasing space that utilizes energy- and cost-efficient technology to transform Jamieson Place digitally.

Media Wall


Field of Fame in Jamieson Place Winter Garden

Visit the Winter Garden on the Plus 15 in Jamieson Place to view a 'Field of Fame' installed by Alberta Champions Society. The 'Field of Fame' includes six beautiful 'stalks of wheat' which are stainless steel monuments to honour the significant lifetime contributions to our city, province and country by:
• R.B. Bennett          • Senator Patrick Burns          • Chief David Crowchild
• Eric L. Harvie         • Alice Jamieson                     • James F. Macleod

About Alberta Champions Society

Alberta Champions Society in Recognition of Community Enrichment was formed to commemorate, recognize and honour those Albertans that have made a significant contribution to the city of Calgary and area. Alberta Champions achieves this by placing 'Fields of Fame' in prominent locations around the city as tributes to men and women of the past who contributed to the Calgary of today.

Visit Alberta Champions Society’s two other Fields of Fame at Calgary Court Centre Park and the Hyatt Regency Calgary and their website at