Jamieson Place Parkade Information

Jamieson Place has a 500 stall parkade on five levels accessible by the shuttle elevators. Paid public parking is available using the latest Pay on Foot technology.

Please be advised of the following hight restrictions at  Jamieson Place:

Parkade Height Restriction: 6’8”

Loading Dock Height Restriction: 13’6”

Parking Rates

Current parking rates for tenants are:

Unreserved monthly: $500

Reserved monthly: $590

Monthly Parking on P5 level (only): $465

Daily: $27

Early bird rate (before 9 a.m., Mon. to Fri.): $25

Hourly: $10 per hour (first hour or less)

Each additional 1/2 hour or less: $5

Evenings (after 6 p.m.): $5 flat rate

Weekends: $5 flat rate

GST not included in prices above.

Public parking hours: 6 a.m. to 11 p.m./7 days a week.

Monday to Friday: 24 hours for tenants with reserved parking

Paid parking is available during evenings, weekends and holidays.

Prepaid Parking Tickets: an alternative method of payment to cash or credit card. For more information on Prepaid Parking Tickets please see this memo or contact Impark Parking Manager Armaan Dhillon at [email protected] or at 403 560-5902.

Special Surface Lot Rate for QuadReal tenants. To find out more about the Special QuadReal Tenant surface lot rate, please contact Impark Parking Manager Armaan Dhillon at [email protected] or 403-560-5902.


For more information on parking, current rates and other details, please access Impark website

Parking Validation

There are three options for parking validations:

Pre-purchased entry and exit ticket - set up to give the user a specific number of days of parking, dollar amount or percentage. The ticket is required prior to entry and the same ticket is used to exit. Additional payment is required if the ticket does not cover the full cost of parking.

Coupon - used upon exit and treated as cash. You insert your entry ticket and then your coupon for payment. Coupons can be purchased for any prepaid dollar value. Additional payment is required if the ticket does not cover the full cost of parking.

Temporary Pass - used for a specific time frame and similar to monthly parking. Until it expires, the same ticket is used to enter and exit the facility.

For additional information please contact Impark at (403) 560-5902.

Fuel Efficient Vehicle Parking

As part of our LEED Gold Designation, 21 parking stalls on the parkade level P1 have been designated for Fuel Efficient Vehicles only. These stalls are signed and are monitored by Impark Parking to ensure only Fuel Efficient Vehicles are parked there.

We are using the LEED Certified Vehicle list found at which is updated each year to determine which cars are considered fuel efficient.

Please access  to find out what type of vehicles meet the LEED Low Emitting and Fuel Efficient Vehicles requirements.