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Building Evacuation Drill

An annual Full Building Evacuation Drill is conducted at Jamieson Place. We encourage tenants to participate and follow the directions of their Floor Captains and Fire Wardens. This event is designed to enable building staff and tenants alike, to simulate and practice for the eventuality of a possible building emergency.

Fire Warden Program

 A comprehensive Fire Warden program has been put together to reduce the impact of building fire emergencies. We offer an annual forum-style session to all tenants to review procedures, roles and responsibilities.Tenant-scheduled private presentations are also available.

For additional infomation regarding Fire Warden Program, Fire Emergency Response and other policies, procedures and tenant resources, please contact Intact Place Security Supervisor Sarah Webber at [email protected] or at 403-218-7734 or  cell: 403-371-8511.

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